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That was pretty good, if a bit simple. How was your experience with Flash in creating this video?

(I was gonna say that Caleb was gonna be getting more iTunes downloads after this, but, hey! He's actually on the NGAP! Downloaded!)

There wasn't enough time to read the dialogue & follow the story of the gag.

This was actually pretty amusing once things got rolling with that seagull completely destroying everyone in its path. Until that point, it was the kinda sprite animation that makes people hate sprite animation; just plain lazy...just a lifeless body bounding around. Mario's hat had more going for it as a static object, but the little man should be visibly scrambling and hopping along his way, however briefly it would be. A giant bird ripped WORLD 1-1 apart, surely adding some hustle & hop frames to Mario wouldn't take long.

The artwork and animation were mostly tight. The incomplete state of some frames could actually work to a stylistic advantage; say, whenever there's a REAL quick move, express it as a somewhat deconstructed sketchy form...? Maybe...?

A small blurb at the beginning would help to give a little context for all of us new to the NIGS universe and might even do away with the HERO labeling at the top of the segment, since the rival goes unidentified as such.

I wasn't really feeling the music for the situation. An ass-kicking sound effect performance would've been groovy.

It's always great to see One Blaze in ACTION!

Neochilds responds:

In terms of the music.. well the music inspired the animation... i.e Evangellion so unfortunately the music stays. But thanks dude for checking out the animation.

Poor monitor...

The Social Noobwork is a surprisingly good animation that speaks to the stupidity of everyone's...EVERYONE'S favorite website (at the moment).

If the FB bubble ever collapses, this cartoon will stand as a nostalgic testament to why we hated it so.


Smooth animation and camera moves! Nice depth tricks with the ladder and barrel, too. Plenty of funny moments. This was totally NOT the crap I was expecting! I do believe Xiao would be proud.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry I couldn't be more eloquent than that, but I'm sure you won't mind.)

Simple, but dope.

Even though it was very simple, I thought it was dope. I like when little blob-man was like, "ALL RIGHT". :D Another cool thing about it was that, unlike many simple 'fight' flashes I've seen, your characters had an actual form; they weren't just stick-line people, know what I mean? Good show!

Knight-mare responds:

its one of my first works, so I understand
I like that part too

blob-man? thats good! I even think about the name of my character thnks for that too

by the way theres another one coming so psick it up if you can

Poor bastard.

WOOOOOOOOW, THAT IS MESSED UP...!!! We'll just never know...

Great punchline, but improve the artwork of the forest and the ball's facial expressions. Needs more trees and more of a foresty appearance.

Smooth moves.

It's a fair looper, but the scene is a bit too subdued for its music. By the sound, I'd expect a more active scene. What if Samus' arm cannon was like a glowstick (or had one sticking out of the barrel)? You could pull off some neat glow-echo effect with it.

Samus needs more friends to rave with.

Elite-Sniper responds:

First time I ever used sprites. =\

My purpose is to create.

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